Other Events on Saturday July 30th

Blood Tracking Test

As a separate trial, we have arranged a possibility for your dogs to participate in an official blood tracking trial on Saturday July 30th. This trial is judged according to Finnish blood tracking trial rules. The dogs achieving the 1st prize in winner class are eligible for the Finnish Tracking Champion title (FI TCH). The organizing committee will lay the tracks and take care of all other arrangements, so the participants don’t need to worry about those, just enjoy tracking with their dogs!

Please use the same registration form to register your dog to this extra trial. Please mark clearly, which dogs attend this trial and which are part of your national team and compete in NVM 2022. Also these registration forms should be sent to nvm@snj.fi.

Registration fee is 120€/dog. Further details on payment will be sent later to participants.

Deadline for the registration is June 1, 2022