Welcome to join the Finnish Retriever Association FRA and maybe a local retriever club, too! As a member you'll get our "Nuusku" magazine four times a year. FRA organizes e.g. several training sessions and tests throughout the year and a week-long summer camp.


  Phone NumberEmailAddress
Member SecretaryJaana Sorjonen+358 400 288496jasenet(ät)snj.fiSänkbackankuja 1 G 50
00970 Helsinki


NOTE! Please, prefer email jasenet(at)


You can join only the Finnish Retriever Association FRA or both Finnish Retriever Association and a local retriever club at once.

If you join only FRA, you'll get a invoice from FRA. After paying the invoice, you'll get "StarttiNuusku" magazine and the latest issue of "Nuusku" magazine.

If you join both the local retriever club and FRA at the same time, you'll get only one invoice from the local club including registration fees to the FRA and the local club. After paying the invoice, you'll get the magazine of the local club, "StarttiNuusku" magazine and the latest issue of "Nuusku" magazine.

Your membership begins as soon as you have paid your membership fee. A memberhip year is a calendar year.



Membership Fees in 2016
Yearly fee16 €Yearly fee20 €
Family member1 €Family member3 €
  Litter member10 €


You can join by using the form below. The information will be send further to the Member Secretary of FRA and to the correct local retriever club (if needed). If you don't get "StarttiNuusku" magazine nor the latest issue of "Nuusku" magazine within one month, please contact our Member Secretary!

When the form has been sent, you'll return to the front page. You'll get a copy of the form to your email.



* Tähdellä merkityt kentät ovat pakollisia.